Partir en vacances avec son chien

Take your dog on vacation

Summer, hot weather, the desire to escape? The summer break is approaching, and you wonder if you would not be better off leaving without your dogs? And then you decide that with, it is even better?

We are with you and have listed a series of tips and best practices to go on vacation with your pets, because this cannot be improvised!

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Choose the right destination

Unfortunately, you can't go anywhere with your pet(s).

You will have to choose and book in advance a vacation destination and a suitable accommodation, ready to welcome you and your family.

There are now many accommodations (campgrounds, lodges, parks and hotels) that accept the presence of one or more dogs, from small to large!

Also choose a place adapted to your needs in terms of activities and shops, you will not be able to leave your four-legged friends alone for too long!

Good boy

Go with a well-behaved dog

You don't want him nibbling on your host's couch or spending the day barking, a dream vacation is synonymous with well-behaved companions during your activities!

Dog in a car

Choose the right transportation mode

In the car

Focus on safety and comfort; harness, belt, crate. You must protect your dog from accidents and ensure his safety.

Make frequent stops on long trips, your dog also needs to take breaks to stretch his legs and pee!

By train

Carry your small dog in a suitable carrier. Check the country's regulation for more details.
Remember to pay for your ticket, and that of your dog!

By plane

Certainly not ideal for your companion (and your wallet), but if you don't have the choice, make sure you get a crate approved to IATA standards to transport your pet in the hold. Some exceptions are possible for small dogs, or for service dogs. Additional fees and specific paperwork are of course to be expected.

By ferry

Some companies allow dogs on board, which can be a good alternative to other means of transportation if you want to go to an island!

Whatever your preferred method, some dogs can get motion sickness. A gradual learning process is recommended in this case, to avoid your dog being stressed during the trip.

Anticipate the paperwork

In most cases, your dog must be identified and have up-to-date vaccinations (including rabies) in order to travel with you. Make sure you know what administrative formalities to undertake depending on your destination, not all countries are the same.

Special attention should be paid to the so-called categorized or dangerous breeds. Here again, each country has its own regulations.


Prepare your suitcase

And try not to forget anything! The most essential elements are obviously :

A collar (and a medal with your phone number, you never know)
A leash 
Waste bags
An easy to carry but comfortable mat or bed
Foldable bowls (see bowls)
Food that your pet will need for the duration of your stay
Fun stuff, including favorite toys (see toys)
Drying equipment in case of bathing or showering (see bathrobes)
A cooling mat 
A care and first aid kit in case of a boo-boo
His passport and his health booklet according to your destination
A blanket if your dog is a cozy one
A water bottle (see the water bottle)

Plan your activities in advance

And make sure they are accessible to your dog!
Prefer walks and hikes during the coolest part of the day, or out of the sun, and avoid tar in the middle of a heat wave, to avoid heat stroke and paw burns.
Water activities are a must for the more athletic among you!

Take advantage of moments of calm and rest, napping is a national sport!

Dog on a beach


We wish you a great summer! Take care of yourself and your doggies.

See you on The Pets Ark !

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